GrowSmart Maine: “Let’s work together to solve this in a smart, equitable, climate-sensitive way”

In an op-ed in today’s Portland Press Herald, CEO of GrowSmart Maine Nancy Smith and Board Chair Jeff Levine argue that we have better solutions to our transportation challenges than highway expansion. GrowSmart is a founding member of the Mainers for Smarter Transportation coalition.

Just because another length of road seemed a good idea in prior decades doesn’t mean we have to proceed with building it now. It would be better to have a more comprehensive, long-term solution, a solution that sets an example of smart, climate-sensitive, transportation and land use planning.

Nancy Smith, CEO of GrowSmart Maine; and Jeff Levine, Urban Planner and Board Chair

We agree! Let’s not throw good money after bad. With all the money that we’re considering pouring into this concrete boondoggle, how many other solutions are possible? How many bus lines, bike lanes, urban homes, and rebuilt main streets could be paid for with a quarter-billion dollars?

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