Maine can do better.

Maine is considering spending $250,000,000+

to expand the Maine Turnpike…

for 5 miles.

The project will destroy local ecosystems, create sprawl and pollution, and devastate the beloved Smiling Hill Farm, which has been a feature of the community since 1720.

Maine Turnpike Exit 45
Aimed straight for Maine. Photo credit: Maine Turnpike Authority

Mainers for Smarter Transportation is a group of individuals and organizations working to protect the character of our communities and develop smart alternatives to address traffic in greater Portland. 

We can do better than this.

Supporting Organizations

Portland Climate Action Team

The Maine Turnpike Authority’s own report says its

Gorham “Connector” proposal won’t solve the problem

Expanding the highway at the expense of our communities and special places like Smiling Hill Farm is government on auto-pilot. The relief will be temporary but the damage will be permanent. It undermines Maine’s Climate Action Plan at a time when we need to aggressively reduce emissions. It will bring Maine Mall sprawl to rural Gorham, Scarborough, and Westbrook. And it won’t solve the problem.

We need an off-ramp from the Gorham “Connector”