Family: Smiling Hill Farm roots run deep, don’t pave over them

This letter to the editor of several local papers – the American Sentinel, Scarborough Leader, and South Portland Sentinel, was penned by Carrie Marsh Dixon, an urban planner and a member of the extended Smiling Hill Farm family.

Carrie talks about the long legacy of stewarding the fields and lands of Smiling Hill Farm, and how it would be an absurd end if that legacy were to be an unnecessary turnpike expansion.

Places evolve, but the rolling fields of Smiling Hill Farm remain the same, which is why they are beloved by so many. The fields give us pause. They make space. They hold ground. They let us exhale. They connect us to that place and to our past. They tell us we are almost home.

If my grandmother were here today, she would tell Peter Mills to find another way

Carrie Marsh Dixon, Urban Planner, member of the Smiling Hill Farm family

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